Midwife of the Week: Debbie Pulley

debbiepulleyDebbie Pulley grew up in Hong Kong and began volunteering in the pediatric wing at her local hospital at the age of thirteen. Three years later she witnessed her first birth and continued to work in Labor and Delivery. Debbie finished high school in the United States and became a medical assistant to a pediatrician. When her friends began asking her to attend their unassisted births, Debbie sought out a midwife to train her and began an apprenticeship in 1981. Debbie is now a CPM and a Tennessee Licensed Midwife. She practices in Georgia at Atlanta Birth Care. She is active in the Georgia Midwifery Association, serves on the Board of Directors at NARM, and has been the Legislative Committee Chair for MANA. Debbie has been married to her husband Don since 1973 and they have two children. To find out more about Debbie Pulley, visit gamidwife.com;  for more information on the Georgia Midwifery Association, visit gamidwifery.org.

This Midwife of the Week post was written by Valerie Meharg. It originated on FoMM’s Facebook page and is archived here on our website for your continued enjoyment!