Ask the Right Question: The U.P. Access Question

Details and sources about access to maternity care are available at The Access Question. The graphics below focus on special circumstances in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Under each one, glosses are provided to UP-specific material for the benefit of downstaters and non-Michiganders.

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Midwife of the Week: Josefina Saraf

josefinasaraf Josefina Saraf is a Florida Licensed Midwife practicing at The Birth Center in Winter Garden, Florida. Josefina immigrated to the United States from Chile in 2012, having earned a degree in Nurse Midwifery from the University of Frontera in 2007. Subsequently, she served as a nurse-midwife in Chile’s Health Department, providing prenatal care, birth control and gynecology services, as well as counseling women on sexual and reproductive health issues. In the Orlando area, Josefina is one of the bilingual midwives, nurses, and doulas who facilitate a support group, childbirth classes, and clinical exams for Spanish-speaking women and their families. This Latina Midwife lives the Center’s vision that “all women deserve a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.” For more information about Josefina Saraf, please visit

 Midwife of the Week post was written by Anna Boone. It originated on FoMM’s Facebook page and is archived here on our website for your continued enjoyment!