Midwife of the Week: Midwives for Haiti

Though the organization began only seven years ago, Midwives for Haiti (or Sage Femmes pou Ayiti – Wise Women for Haiti in Kreyol) comprises nearly one-third of the care providers for pregnant women in Haiti. With help from international visiting midwives, the organization offers a 12-month Skilled Birth Attendant training for Haitian nurses. Graduates of these trainings have attended over 12,000 births. Midwives for Haiti also recognizes the significance of the hundreds of Matrons, or traditional birth attendants, who typically provide care and labor support. The organization aims to support their crucial role by providing clean delivery kits and in-depth training so that Matrons can recognize red flags, increase safe deliveries, and make referrals when necessary. Services are provided in a maternity center located in Hinche, a city 115 km northeast of Port-au-prince, as well as through the Mobile Prenatal Clinic, which travels through 20 rural villages providing clinical services and education. See their website at https://midwivesforhaiti.org/our-work.html.

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