Midwife of the Week: Robin Lim

Raised in the US and the Philippines, Robin Lim (or Ibu Robin – Mother Robin) and her family moved to Bali, Indonesia, to open the Bumi Sehat community health and childbirth clinic. Over the following years, what started as one clinic became the Yayasan Bumi Sehat, or Healthy Mother Earth Foundation, a network of free clinics throughout Indonesia and beyond. The clinics not only provide maternal and infant care, but train midwives and other caregivers to do so with limited resources. For example, midwives are taught to burn umbilical cords to prevent the use of scissors or knives when sterile implements are not available. This flexibility makes it easy for Bumi Sehat to travel to impoverished or post-catastrophe countries. Bumi Sehat provides services with respect for each country’s cultures and traditions. In 2011, CNN named Robin its Hero of the Year. Robin is also the author of numerous articles and books, including The Geometry of Splitting Souls, Stretch Marks, and As a Child in the Religion of Gratitude, three books of poetry that offer a beautiful look into the life of the woman and her work. This is a great page about all things Robin: http://robinlimsupport.org/.

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