Midwife of the Week: Jennie Joseph

British trained midwife Jennie Joseph used her skill and years of experience to develop the J.J. Way, a “high-touch, low-tech” approach to maternity care aimed at eliminating race and class disparities, and improving experiences and outcomes for at-risk mothers and babies. Jennie runs the Birth Place, a birthing center in central Florida based on this practice model, where no woman is turned away due to inability to pay. She is also the founder of Commonsense Childbirth Inc., an organization that builds on the success of the Birth Place by offering community outreach, training for lactation consultants, childbirth educators, and doulas, and a licensed, three-year program for direct entry midwives. For more info about the JJ Way, and lots of statistics, follow the link: http://www.amchp.org/programsandtopics/BestPractices/InnovationStation/ISDocs/JJ-way.pdf.

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