Midwife of the Week: Jill Kent

jillkentA pioneer of home birth in Minnesota, Jill Kent became the state’s first licensed midwife in the year 2000. Having for many years advocated for midwife licensure, Jill founded the Minnesota Association of Midwives in 1985. In 2002, Jill opened The Stork’s Nest, Minnesota’s first freestanding birth center. It closed two years later because of insurance reimbursement issues. After delivering hundreds of babies, Jill retired in 2006. She passed away from multiple myeloma in 2012. For more information on Jill Kent or midwifery in Minnesota, visit http://bios.marquiswhoswho.com/jill_kent/midwife/6730351 or http://www.minnesotamidwives.org/MCCPM/About_MCCPM.html.

This Midwife of the Week post was written by Valerie Meharg. It originated on FoMM’s Facebook page and is archived here on our website for your continued enjoyment!