Midwife of the Week: Sarah Davis

sarahdavisSarah Davis, LM, CPM, IBCLC was attending Pomona College working towards a degree in Black Studies when she began volunteering as a doula in 2003. Her experience as a doula, along with her interests in women’s health and feminism, drew her towards a career in midwifery. She began her training at a Texas birth center and then returned to her home state of California to begin an apprenticeship. In 2010, she opened Birth Root’s Women’s Health and Maternity center with her partner, Darynee Blount, LM, CPM.

California’s recent passage of SB 407 enables Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program) coverage for CPM care. Under the law, CPMs can practice without obstetric supervision, legally obtain medications and supplies, and order diagnostic testing. Sarah, as the legislation and policy chair for the California Association of Midwives, said of the new law: “We are thrilled that, thanks to the passage of SB 407, California families of all income levels will have increased access to licensed midwives and the low-cost, high-value care that they provide in birth centers and home births.”
For more information about Sarah Davis, visit http://birthrootsbabies.com/about/.

This Midwife of the Week post was written by Valerie Meharg. It originated on FoMM’s Facebook page and is archived here on our website for your continued enjoyment!