Midwife of the Week: Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen, LM, CPM says the experience surrounding her first birth led her to the home births of her second and third children. These two births became the inspiration to practice as a doula for seventeen years and eventually become a Certified Professional Midwife in 2008. The fact that Black women and babies are much more likely to die during or shortly after birth is unacceptable to Debbie; she is dedicated to reducing these racial disparities by providing quality education and support to women of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Debbie is the Director of Tribe Midwifery in Los Angeles, which offers well woman care, doula and monitrice services, childbirth education, and placenta encapsulation, in addition to midwifery care. Debbie also attends births at the Los Angeles Community Birth Center, where Racha Tahani Lawler, a previous FOMM Midwife of the Week, is the Director. For more information on Debbie, visit tribemidwifery.com.

This Midwife of the Week post was written by Valerie Meharg. It originated on FoMM’s Facebook page and is archived here on our website for your continued enjoyment!